5 Key Components to Add to Your Security System

Every home should have a security system in place. These systems can protect you from criminal activity or even natural disaster. Deciding on which components to add to your system is an important decision. Seeing a home alarm module comparison can be an excellent way to find a model that fits your needs. Therefore, here are five crucial elements to include in your security system:

1. A Wireless Module

This module saves you from cluttering up your home with cables that can sometimes be difficult to connect and that are often unsightly to look at. Home automation is a popular thing to have in your home as it gives you more freedom regarding the safety of your home. The device may also send you a signal on your phone in case of a violation and set off an alarm. Therefore, the intruders will only be able to think about escaping, for fear of being caught. Also, if you choose a radio-based alert, make sure that the communication between the detectors and the control unit are done on a pair of simultaneous frequencies. These modules usually incorporate a high-power indoor siren and communicate by radio waves with the other components of the system.

2. Gas Detector

A painless and colorless gas can fill a room without you realizing it, which is why it is particularly dangerous. It is especially the carbon monoxide detector that is imperative. Depending on the model, the devices may have different characteristics. The most popular models are the carbon monoxide detectors. Other sensors will report the presence of butane or propane, and allow us to react quickly to avoid an explosion or fire. Remember, smoke alarms are more efficient with specific security monitoring.

3. Remote Control

It should be noted that with the development of connected alarms, you can also control and activate an alarm remotely via your smartphone. This remote connection is an excellent thing, especially for early warnings and avoidance of surprises. Of course, this type of system remains sensitive to hacking and jamming, but most manufacturers offer wireless alarms that are more and more reliable and secure. The ease of assembly of this model also lies in the fact that the system elements are pre-configured at the factory. Many alarms also allow you to send messages to your phone, thanks to a dedicated application. This application gives you time to warn the authorities before the intruder enters.

4. Alarm System With an Alternative Source of Energy

To avoid the disruption of your alarm, make sure that it has access to an alternative source of energy in the event of a power failure. Generators, solar energy or even a battery-operated system can make life a little more comfortable.

5. Camera

The presence of a camera outside the home is also a deterrent for potential burglars. Stickers on your windows will make the effect explicit. According to Protect Your Home, “keep an eye on your home, in real time, from virtually anywhere in the world with state of the art video surveillance.” This system can be connected to your TV or computer for clear viewing of recorded images.


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