‘Alien’ Bites: Ridley Scott Begins Shooting Next Movie in 14 Months, ‘Covenant’ VR Experience and More

We’re one week out until the release of Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott’s second prequel installment to the franchise he started almost 40 years ago. In advance of the opening, we’ve got some news and other goodies related to the new movie:

The Next Alien Prequel Is Filming Soon

Covenant isn’t even in theaters yet, but Scott is already hard at work on the next chapter of the prequels leading up to Alien. We previously heard the Covenant follow-up is written and how that’s one of two more we’d get that are set before the 1979 original. Now in an interview with IGN, Scott says it’s currently being written and he’ll be “filming that within 14 months.” Watch below.

Alien: Covenant in Utero VR Experience Trailer

Want to know what it’s like to be one of the xenomorphs and see things from their POV? The new online VR experience tied to Alien: Covenant does exactly that, putting you in utero as the creature is about to burst through its human host. The trailer for Alien: Covenant in Utero actually re-creates one of the scariest scenes from the new movie but from a baby alien’s viewpoint. Watch below.

Adam Savage Tours the Alien: Covenant Set and Tries on the New Spacesuit

In a series of videos for the Tested YouTube channel, Adam Savage shows us a behind-the-scenes look at Alien: Covenant, taking a tour of the sets, sharing some practical props and effects, and trying on the movie’s spacesuit costumes. Watch them all below.