An Update on the ‘Hamilton’ Movie You All Know Is Coming Eventually

They know it’s coming, we know it’s coming, so what, exactly, is the deal with a movie based on the hit Broadway musical Hamilton? Will we have to wait days, months or years before it arrives?

That’s a question we’re all wondering right now as the show begins to tour, and its creator (and original star) Lin-Manuel Miranda begins dabbling in other projects, like writing the music for Disney’s Moana and also costarring in Disney’s Mary Poppins sequel. But he’s still heavily involved in Hamilton, and just recently revealed he won’t be done with it anytime soon.

While appearing on THR‘s Awards Chatter podcast, Miranda admits the Hamilton movie will happen, saying “Yes! Who knows when? I don’t think I’m done with that role, by any stretch.”

Not a lot to go on, but it is indeed confirmation that a movie is in the works… eventually. Miranda previously joked to Rolling Stone that it could take 20 years before a film ever happened. Hamilton needs more time to become a Broadway classic before we see a film adaptation take shape, and so chances are the stage versions are going to be your only option for a while until Miranda finds a home for the movie (Disney?), and perhaps even passes the leading-man torch to another actor.

Meanwhile, Miranda’s previous Broadway show, In the Heights, is being turned into a movie through the Weinstein Co. with Miranda producing and maybe starring.