Check Out Two New Trailers for Edgar Wright’s ‘Baby Driver’ As the Film Gets Raves at SXSW

Baby Driver is fantastic, an adrenaline-fueled, music-driven gem that gets faster and greater as it rides,” tweeted Fandango’s Erik Davis following the movie’s SXSW premiere Saturday night. He also calls it “brilliant” and makes the case that it deserves an Oscar nomination for “its wicked editing skills.” While the rest of us have to wait until late summer to see for ourselves, for now we can check out two new trailers that also dropped over the weekend.

When it comes out: August 11

Who is in it: Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Jon Bernthal, Eiza Gonzalez, Flea

What it’s about: Elgort plays Baby (yes, Baby), a getaway driver who works for crime boss Spacey. Ham, Foxx and the others are criminals he’s tasked with chauffeuring to safety. But when he falls for a waitress (James) and wants out of the game, he, of course, has to do one last job that might be his most difficult.

How are the new trailers: Besides looking like a mainstream Drive in both the first official trailer and its international companion, you can definitely tell that writer-director Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz) is aiming for a tribute to ’90s heist movies like Heat and Reservoir Dogs. There’s not really much here that makes Baby Driver look like a real musical of any kind, but that seems to be the case based on reactions out of SXSW. The action looks decent, as does the humor — the bit with the confusion over Michael Myers and Mike Myers is fantastic. Admittedly, the international trailer makes the movie look a little more fun than the domestic version.

What other people are saying about the trailers:

“Wright [is] pushing his own stylish sense of rhythmic editing to the max, going all in on his visuals in a way we still haven’t seen in one of his movies. You thought you liked Wright before? Try him with a couple of machine guns and a few really fast cars.” – Matthew Monagle, ScreenCrush

“This looks like exactly the movie that I was hoping for, and it’s something that Edgar Wright’s most loyal fans might not have expected from him. Baby Driver is much more action thriller than comedy…It’s something much different for Edgar Wright, and that’s something to be excited about.” – Ethan Anderton, /Film

“If the trailers are any indication, it would seem Wright’s been itching at giving us some beautiful shots with vibrant color palettes and, in the moment Baby and his girlfriend are talking, a shot that just screams ‘EDGAR WRIGHT NEEDS TO BE DIRECTING EVERYTHING!’” – Blake Rodgers, Nerdist

The international trailer: