DC Buzz: ‘The Batman’ Likely Delayed; Henry Cavill Gets Pumped Up for Green Lantern

With The Lego Batman Movie the top-grossing release of 2017 so far and Suicide Squad being an Oscar winner, this is turning out to be a great year for DC superhero movies. So let’s keep the buzz on the brand positive with the latest news:

The Batman probably won’t shoot this year

For many fans, a delay on the next solo Batman movie will seem like a bad thing. But if more time means a better product, then we should be all happy that The Batman may not begin filming until next year. Variety’s Justin Kroll tweeted word that newly hired director Matt Reeves is tied to War for the Planet of the Apes through June and so probably won’t even get into planning his next movie until July at the earliest. It’s all just an assumption on his part, and we know DC has a habit of rushing filmmakers into gigs. Still, we’re hopeful that there will be a proper amount of time given to and spent on this movie.

Henry Cavill might go up against Green Lantern

In the cryptic Instagram post from Henry Cavill above, the Superman actor teases some sort of future crossover with Green Lantern. What he means by that could be just a statement that they’re the two buffest DC characters, or he’s hinting that the characters will share the screen in a movie sooner than later. It’s not likely we’ll see a Green Lantern in Justice League, which is out this fall, but maybe he could be in Man of Steel 2 or Supes could be in Green Lantern Corps. Cavill could also know who is playing one or more Green Lanterns. Either way, sometime between now and eternity, the two superheroes will meet on the big screen, and that’s exciting to imagine.

The Flash musical episode trailer

As for DC’s presence on the small screen, things are about to get even more fun than usual on CW’s The Flash. Next Tuesday the series is delivering a period-set musical episode, which is also a crossover with Supergirl, and there’s a new TV spot trailer to get you in the mood. Watch it here: