DEKOR Introduces Smart Automation with New WiFi Remote App & Controller

Denver, CO, October 26, 2016 –(– DEKOR’s new WiFi Remote App and WiFi Controller brings smart automation for your LED lighting system to your fingertips. It allows you to:

· Turn LED lighting on and off

· Control the brightness

· Set up schedules to automatically control your lights at selected times

DEKOR has built a simple, self-contained smart automation system for 12VDC lighting products for use with existing DEKOR lighting projects or other compatible low voltage light installations on your deck, landscape, hardscape, or indoor accents. This user-friendly app allows you to control your DEKOR or other 12VDC LED accent lighting from the comfort of your chair with an Apple smartphone or tablet.

The DEKOR WiFi Remote app allows you to control and schedule your lights from up to 100 feet from your Wi-Fi router. You can program:

· Date & Time

· On/Off

· Light Intensity

· Multiple zones

The DEKOR system is independent, self-contained, and won’t communicate with other proprietary home automation systems.

What you need

The system requires two components:

· DEKOR WiFi Remote app for scheduling and changing settings

· DEKOR WiFi Controller to control lighting hardware

DEKOR also recommends a DEKOR 12VDC transformer with the WiFi Controller to avoid connection, compatibility, or warranty issues.

Each DEKOR WiFi Controller is “single channel” and reflects one zone in the app. After installing the app and your first WiFi Controller, add more lighting zones by adding more WiFi Controllers.

A leader in the LED deck lighting industry

DEKOR CEO Duane McCall believes this innovation positions DEKOR as a leader in the 12VDC LED deck and landscape lighting marketplace. “Very few deck or landscape lighting manufacturers have this type of app or Wi-Fi connected controller.” Though the WiFi Remote system was originally designed exclusively for DEKOR’s LED lighting products, McCall points out, “The DEKOR WiFi Remote system can be used to control ANY 12VDC landscape or deck light as long as the LEDs are dimmable.”

DEKOR’S new hardware controller is a mini computer

While other low voltage lighting manufacturers offer increasingly complex hardware for controlling low voltage lights, DEKOR’s WiFi Controller is deceptively simple. “The chip in there is actually a mini-computer,” said McCall. “It’s got memory, it’s got a processor, and it’s much more than a simple Wi-Fi device. We tried to be forward thinking about it; we put so much in there that we wouldn’t have to go back and redesign it in the near future.”

Innovative technology from Texas Instruments

Duane McCall envisioned an app for DEKOR, despite challenges in creating the hardware controller—the little black box that connects to a wireless network and controls output from the transformer to the lights. To make his vision for DEKOR lighting a reality, McCall partnered with Texas Instruments – a US company with a legacy of quality products committed to harnessing new technologies and honest innovation. “Texas Instruments actually designed and built the industry’s first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ single-chip microcontroller unit,” explained McCall. This chip is the heart of the DEKOR hardware controller.

The future is WiFi friendly

McCall anticipates the WiFi Remote App will evolve over time. “This is where the technology is going and customer expectations are converging: into the smart home lifestyle. By bringing smart automation to DEKOR lighting products now, we are improving our customers’ quality of life and better positioning DEKOR for the future.”

Purchase the WiFi Dimmer/Controller

The DEKOR WiFi Controller can be purchased directly from DEKOR for $104.77 USD MSRP.

Get the app

The DEKOR WiFi Remote App is free and available for download from Apple App stores in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

DEKOR is on track to debut an Android version of the app in early 2017.


Since opening its doors in 2001, DEKOR has grown from its roots as a premium baluster manufacturer into a leading designer and innovator of USA made LED lighting products. For more information about DEKOR and its products, please visit

DEKOR is an EnergyStar Partner and a CREE LEDs Branding Partner.