Exclusive Clip: A Teen’s Terrifying Realization in ‘Before I Fall’

Imagine if you’re a popular high schooler facing a bright future, with your crew of loyal BFFs and a cute, perfect boyfriend topping it all off. Life is good, until…

A deadly car accident changes your entire life.

This is the setup for Before I Fall, a sort of Groundhog Day-meets-teen-angst tale that has Samantha (Zoey Deutch) reliving the last day of her life over and over — and over — again as she tries to solve the mystery of her death and uncovers some not-so-perfect things about the people around her. In this clip, Sam wakes up feeling a little, well, off… and when her little sister comes in the room to get her out of bed, she starts to slowly realize what strange, scary situation she’s suddenly in.

Watch the clip below, and check it out when it comes to theaters everywhere on March 3.