Firefly Wireless Networks Releases White Paper During Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Visible Light Communications and LiFi Advantages

Las Vegas, NV, January 10, 2017 –(– Firefly Wireless Networks, a leading manufacturer of Visible Light Communications (VLC) and LiFi products, announced the release of an informational White Paper regarding the use of visible and infrared light for wireless transmission of data. The White Paper, titled “Advantages of Visible Light Communications & LiFi,” was written by wireless industry veteran Dr. Heinz Willebrand and was released on the final day of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is available for free on In addition to replacing or augmenting WiFi as a data communications method, applications for VLC include “The Internet of Things” and consumer electronics. The Internet of Things revolves around increased communications and automation between devices and people, for example within the home, office, and mobile environments.

LiFi wireless Access Points and Transceivers, based on Visible Light Communications technology, provide higher levels of data security in LAN networks than Radio Frequency (RF) WiFi solutions. WiFi data transmission is subject to RF congestion, cyber security issues (eavesdropping), and limited access control. Since the introduction of WiFi RF technology about 20 years ago, the ‘data security’ aspect has remained one of the main negative aspects of using WiFi systems in networks that require very high levels of security for sensitive data transmission between people, and in Machine to Machine (M2M) environments. In contrast, LiFi solutions, based on Visible Light Communications technology, offer a cost-effective and superior method of data transmission to ensure much higher levels of security in LAN and M2M networks.

Applications for VLC and LiFi include:

Secure network access (replacement or augmentation of WiFi)

Factory automation and communications

Consumer Electronics

Internet of Things (IoT)

Hospitals and medical communications

Vehicles (vehicle charging and communications systems, vehicle to vehicle / V2V, vehicle to roadside / V2R, and in-vehicle communications)

Aircraft (broadband media and data transmissions to increase throughput, while reducing aircraft wiring/weight and avoid interference with aircraft electronics)

Airport terminals (avoidance of radio frequency interference with sensitive equipment)

Train stations

Point of Sale (POS) (signage and location-based consumer applications)

Nuclear and Public Utilities

Underwater applications

According to some research reports, the market for Visible Light Communications could reach over US$100 billion by 2024, as the Internet connects millions of devices around the world autonomously and seamlessly.

About Firefly Wireless Networks

Firefly Wireless Networks™ LLC is a manufacturer of Visible Light Communications (VLC), also known as LiFi, and Infrared Light Communications (ILC) products. VLC and ILC wireless bridges utilize light to transmit data, avoiding radio frequency spectrum congestion, RF interference, and the eavesdropping and cyber security issues associated with WiFi. FireFly is owned by LightPointe Communications, Inc. of San Diego, the number one manufacturer of point to point long range hybrid wireless bridges since 1998, Teleconnect GmbH of Dresden, a Germany-based company formed from the former Institute of Telecommunications, and Berg and Berg Enterprises, a $550,000,000 Silicon Valley private venture firm with over 100 investments in technology companies. or