From ‘Insurgent’ to ‘Hunger Games’: 8 YA Worlds You May Want to Visit

Divergent (2014)

The Place: Chicago

Exciting Features: Chicago already has a lot to offer, but these days, it’s a little more, er, dystopian.

In between the familiar landmarks, you can swing by the city’s five factions: Dauntless, Abnegation, Erudite, Amity, and Candor.

Most Popular Destination: Although all of the factions offer their unique charms, you have to find time to visit Dauntless. Think of it as a summer camp for brave people. If roller coasters are getting a little stale, this will scratch your thrill-seeking itch.

If You Do One Thing: You’ve gotta’ jump off a moving train to prove your fearlessness. Ever since Tris did it, it’s become the thing to do.