GAM Tech Introduces “Hardware as a Service” Plan to Address Clients’ Needs

Calgary, Canada, April 06, 2017 –(– As the economy is starting to show signs of life in Calgary (a city that has a boom/bust cycle historically), the needs of businesses have had to change with the times. As a company that is in the information technology industry, GAM Tech understands change that many others do not.

This lead owner Adrian Ghira to come up with a plan that reduces the often forgotten I.T. related overhead that comes with hiring new staff. “We found more and more people that we talked to are concerned about what it would cost to provide equipment to new hires” says Ghira. This lead to many people doing several jobs as opposed to their own and this has had a negative effect on many things like profitability, efficiency and let’s not forget, their sanity.

GAM Tech sat down and realized that they can use their strategic partnership with Lenovo to solve this problem and so “HaaS” was born.

The principles of the plan are simple:

– You choose between 3 options with varied hard drive and processor specs in either a desktop with monitor or laptop.

– GAM Tech stocks these computers and gets them to you within one business day of your request.

– You pay a low monthly fee (plans start at $60/month)

– You get a computer that is loaded with Windows 10 and more than capable of handling any task you throw at it.

– You can return the equipment no questions asked with just 60 days notice.

If you worry that your data will be shared, that isn’t an issue as you can wipe the devices prior to return (remembering to save the data on site first, of course) or GAM Tech can clear all the data from the hardware for you to ensure that your data stays only with you.

There is a reason that GAM Tech tells its clients to “Leave I.T. To Us!” and that is because they have the knowledge and experience to address and resolve the issues your business didn’t even know they have.

Visit the GAM Tech website at today and find out how we can make your business run smoother.