‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ Soundtrack “Set List” Revealed, Includes David Hasselhoff

We’re still more than two weeks out from the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but if you’re having trouble waiting any longer you’re somewhat in luck. Thanks to initial positive buzz on the movie, you can imagine how good the sequel is going to be. And thanks to Marvel releasing the movie’s soundtrack “set list” today, you now know what to listen to as you’re picturing it in your mind.

As you’d expect, the music featured in Guardians 2 is all classic rock gems and other hits from the ’70s and ’80s, because they’re the tunes Peter “Star-Lord” Quill will be hearing on the Awesome Mixtape Vol. 2 gifted to him by his mom on her deathbed back in 1988. Yes, Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” used prominently in the movie’s trailers (see below), made the cut.

If some of the songs, like ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky,” Sweet’s “Fox on the Run” and Cheap Trick’s “Surrender,” seem like obvious staples, just remember that these are all choices made by an average woman (who just happened to mate with an alien) for a cassette for a kid. And there are still some deeper cuts, like Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah’s “Lake Shore Drive” and Silver’s “Wham Bam Sham-A-Lang.”

Most obscure, at least for now, is the final track. “Guardians Inferno” is an original penned by Guardians writer-director James Gunn and the score’s composer, Tyler Bates. It’s meant to be silly and in the spirit of the disco version of the Star Wars theme by Meco. But this has vocals by none other than Quill’s childhood hero, David Hasselhoff (who also had a hit cover of Guardians 1 song “Hooked on a Feeling”).

The rest of the songs can be found online now, for your imagination’s needs. Gunn has revealed that Parliament’s “Flash Light” is a Baby Groot dance number, Jay and the Americans’ “Come a Little Bit Closer” is an action-scene number, and others are thematically obvious. For more specific placements and meanings, see Rolling Stone‘s exclusive breakdown.

Take note, though, that “Fox on the Run” is apparently only in the first trailer, not in the movie — presumably, it is on the mixtape within the movie, at least. See the full track listing in poster form below. The album is available to buy this Friday. The movie hits theaters on May 5.