Heck Yeah, Alexandra Shipp Wants Storm to Get Her Own ‘X-Men’ Movie

One of the more buzzed-about midnight movies playing at this year’s SXSW Film Festival is Tragedy Girls, a wildly funny and bloody film about two girls (and best friends) obsessed with creating their own horror legend by becoming the masterminds behind a mass-killing spree in their hometown and exploiting it all over social media.

Here’s a clip.

It’s a uniquely funky plot, and it’s got lots of amazingly creative gore and two excellent performances at the heart of the story, courtesy of rising stars Alexandra Shipp and Breanna Hildebrand. Coincidentally, both Shipp and Hildebrand are also major players in the ever-expanding X-Men cinematic universe with Shipp taking on the latest incarnation of Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse, while Hildebrand stars as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool and will return for its sequel next year.

While we await word on Storm’s future in the X-Men movies, we asked Shipp to speak to this growing desire from fans to see Storm get her own movie during a conversation in Austin about Tragedy Girls. Not surprisingly, she is all for it.

“People forget that black people are nerds, too!” she said. “It would be awesome to have a whole movie about Storm. And I’m not talking about me being in it — I wouldn’t care, I just want to see it as a nerd myself. I grew up with the cartoons, and it was really amazing to see a superhero who liked like me. I know that through the last X-Men [movie], I got to show this strength to young black girls and young female nerds, and I’d love to expand on that.”

As for Hildebrand, she’s stoked to see how her character evolves in the Deadpool sequel. According to Hildebrand, she starts shooting Deadpool 2 in a couple of months in Vancouver, and while she definitely hopes her character Negasonic Teenage Warhead has an expanded role, she just wants to see what they decide to do with her. “I just wanna see what kind of shoes I get to fill because I feel like the older she gets, the cooler she’ll get.”

Tragedy Girls had its world premiere in Austin on Sunday night, and audiences seemed to dig its dark humor and love of blood splatter. Both Shipp and Hildebrand had a little message for fans that they shared with us prior to celebrating the film’s first screening. Watch that below.

The wickedly funny and gory #TragedyGirls just premiered at #SXSW and stars @AlexShipppp & @briannahilde have a special message for you… pic.twitter.com/5qBxr5wqfQ

— Fandango (@Fandango) March 13, 2017

We’ll have much more with the duo later this week, so stay tuned.