Hello, Everyone!

First off, thank you to all the folks helping others especially here, linuxquestions, and stackoverflow

About me:

I recently got an engineering degree, but I don’t work with it. I decided to work in software because I had an opportunity to and I enjoyed an IT job I had at my University.

I work for a small company that makes embedded communication devices (serial->IP), manages a couple customer databases, and provides tools over a web-interface for monitoring equipment health.

I typically write in C with an occasional C++ class.

I am not new to Linux, but I still have a lot to learn.

I run a handful of distros on my personal machines and I use the command line daily, but TBH I still use Windows at work for my IDE, Office, and Outlook.

I hope to find most of the answers I seek without posting, but I will try to reply if (when) I know the solution.

If you know a KC-area linux guru, hardware engineer, or developer looking for full or part-time employment, please put us in touch.

My pride hasn’t prevented me from asking questions, seeking help, or recognizing knowledge gaps.