Hello Friends! In Need of Guidance!

DISCLAIMER: The following is just the opinion of a mean, worn out, over weight, and over-the-hill old ass.

Think this is a hard decision? Wait until you are my age and you have to decide which E.D medication you should ask the doctor about!


I still have my copy of this book. The cover has seen better days, and the binding has all but dissipated. But I still have it to this day. There are many books out there that will hold your hand and teach you. But I’m a ‘tough love’ kind of guy. ;)

Java and C# can go pound dirt. Both are uglier than a Korean prostitute.

Python: It’s nice. I love the code. It’s clean, and the syntax makes sense…. unlike perl.

(I don’t actually use python though)

Perl: Was so powerful and so ‘the hip thing’ for so long. Now……

It looks like C, to an extent, if you take good clean C code, chew on it, swallow it, and filter it through your colon.

Ruby: No experience in it other than looking at some examples back when it first hit Freshmean.

Hasn’t it somehow started encroaching on PHP’s bread-n-butter?

Oh, but don’t forget my favorite scripting language! Tcl and Tk (for GUI). I can whip up damn near anything in under an hour with that set of tools. If you can write a shell script, you can learn Tcl in a weekend. ;)
But really, it’s not widely used anymore. I’m just nostalgic.

Since you asked my opinion, I’ll give it to you.

Python is what Perl ‘should’ be, clean, pretty, smells nice, and has a great rack – not unlike that chic you sit across the way from in Homeroom.

And then go for C.