No, not dim! You just have experience in other things!

When you buy a computer, it doesn’t matter much whether Windows, Mac, or Linux… you always have to learn your way around a little to get on the Internet and email. That part isn’t too bad usually.

But installing a new operating system gets a little more nitty gritty. Yet still, with Linux, it isn’t too bad if you don’t need to do special things. Once you download and prepare a DVD or USB stick, the actual installing of Linux usually takes less than a half hour.

So, up to you. If you want to give it a go, I’ll point you to a download site and hopefully find some well written instructions. But we will be here to help you along too, if needed. Right now I’m working 12-hr shifts at my job though, so replies may be a little slow from me, but others may jump in and help too.