Hispanic Heritage Month


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Students properly dressed in lab coats, visit the Cisco office in Richardson, Texas, to learn how a future in technology can shape their lives.

Great achievements happen through combined efforts.

This is especially true for Conexión, the Employee Resource Organization (ERO) that supports the development of the next generation of Latino leaders at Cisco.

As part of our mission to inspire and develop the next generation, we engage with our local communities and schools across the globe to pursue STEM education and careers through Program Escuela. Since its inception in 2008, Program Escuela has inspired thousands of elementary students from high-risk areas to seek a higher education and promote greater interest in technology.

What’s the key to success? A combined global effort of Cisco volunteers and teachers who deliver the program’s framework to students throughout Mexico, Spain, Belgium, and the United States. Program Escuela allows students to participate in a competition and provides an opportunity to develop their own project with a focus on IoT, programming, or City of the Future.

Throughout the school year, Conexión’s volunteers offer training for career development, a better understanding of IoT, and coaching to develop and launch their projects.

In Virginia, the Herndon Chapter volunteers take a moment from the busy day to pose for a group photo.

The RTP Chapter in North Carolina wraps up one of four sessions with 35 elementary students at their nearby school.

“Program Escuela has been a great opportunity to see how far our students can reach,” said Ana Cervigón, a science teacher at Colegio Internacional Pinosierra in Tres Cantos, Spain. “

Their creativity, innovative approach and teamwork are key pillars in their learning, and Program Escuela has enabled them to develop the necessary skills and competencies to face a future marked by innovation, technology and the development of communications.”

The program is a huge success, and comments from the students show they love it too.

“I loved visiting Cisco,”said one participant in Herndon, “I want to learn more about technology in college.”

Said one of the quietest students in Austin, “This is really cool stuff. I want to work here one day.”

A participant in the EMEAR program truly captured the impact of the program: “It has allowed me to see that what we study in class has application in real life.”

Highlights from the Madrid Chapter’s Program Escuela event. Students listened to presentations on technology to help them create their own innovations.

Highlights from the Madrid Chapter’s Program Escuela event. Students listened to presentations on technology to help them create their own innovations.

Cisco volunteers around the world are instrumental in empowering the next generation. If you are interested in participating in next year’s programs, please contact your Conexión local chapter lead.

Devoted to developing the next generation of leader at Cisco does not end with Program Escuela and STEM outreach. Each year during Hispanic Heritage Month, Conexión hosts a Learning Exchange open to all employees to help their advancement through an inspirational professional development event.

Inspire Higher, this year’s event will be held October 10, featuring keynotes from the former CIO of HP, Ramon Baez, and executive trainer Rosie “The Closer” Zepeda. The event will also feature executive sponsors SVP/CIO Guillermo Diaz Jr. and SVP/GM Yvette Kanouff.

The event welcomes all employees at Cisco, and more details can be found on the Jive site or register directly now!

With more than 1,000 members, Conexión supports and engages Latinos at Cisco through a variety of offerings: professional development activities, recruiting events and opportunities to give back to the community through volunteering and mentoring.

Employees can learn more about Conexión and its programs on Jive or by joining the new ICC Portal.

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