How to Keep Yourself Healthy When Working from Home

With a lot of jobs, especially tech jobs, suddenly shifting to work from home positions, there have been a lot of challenges. There are constant demands and obstacles that need a new workflow and learning to communicate with the rest of your team virtually has introduced new challenges and solutions. But how much are you paying attention to your health and how this new situation may be affecting you?

The Work from Home Impact

Having a good work-life balance is an important facet of health, and it is one that working from home can encroach on if you aren’t careful. When you go to the office to work, there is a clear divide, but when your office is in your home, it can be hard to keep things separate. How easy is it to just keep working on a project or to check that one thing or to feel like you need to see if someone responded to your emails from the day?

While all of these things might not seem too bad, they can easily become a drain on your mental health and keep you from fully engaging with the rest of your life. Additionally, you are much less active when you don’t leave your home for work and you are less likely to eat healthily. All of this left unchecked can lead to health problems, especially when dealing with stressful events, like the current pandemic or political turmoil.

Maintain a Schedule

One of the biggest things you can do to prevent working from home from becoming a drain on your health is have a schedule and stick to it. Have your work hours and make sure you are dedicated to your job during that time. When it is no longer work time, leave work behind. Shut down your computer, put away notes, and resist the impulse to just check that one more thing. If you wouldn’t do it when you were working in the office, don’t do it now. If you have the room to set up a dedicated home office, that is a great way to separate your work and home life. Schedule in some time to get outside and get fresh air. Make sure you have healthy meals planned and connect with friends and family, either virtually or in person if it is safe.

Maintaining Wellness

There’s more to health than just not being sick. In order to live a full life and to be a productive employee, you need to take care of yourself and make sure that your wellness is also a priority. This means acknowledging and addressing the things that are causing you stress, or that may be wearing you down. Anxiety is a normal and common reaction to a sudden change in situations, so don’t be scared if you find yourself more on edge, but don’t ignore it either. There are plenty of things you can do to help yourself. Many alternative treatments, including cbd oil, can be effective for reducing stress and anxiety without impacting the quality of your life.

Working from home can be an adjustment and adapting to keep yourself healthy is an important part of the process. Just make sure you are taking care of yourself while you continue being the best employee you can be and you will be successful.

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