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Shop-i20 by Nerd Junkie is our online retail site for every day products and non-business related purchases. Nerd Junkie Inc is a I.T. Solutions Company; Our core business is providing technology solutions to small business, mid level business, enterprises, educational institutions and the retail consumer.

Working close with our partners we provide services such as Repair and Installations, Network Architecture, Data Recovery, IT Consults, Mobile Solutions for IT administrators, the sale of Retail Electronic Goods, and a variety of Technology Services to include Equipment Replacement .

Nerd Junkie Inc was founded in 2015 by Florida native Eberle Francois Jr. Nerd Junkie Inc continues to expand it's partnerships to assure client/customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To provide quality products online with great pricing without tracking the consumers every movement across the internet.

Our Vision

Creating a one source solution for online shopping by combining the biggest name in online retail and assuring the customer gets the lowest price online.

Everyday life can be a hassle, and the internet is no easy place to navigate for online shopping. The i-20 Gateway Shopping by Nerd Junkie placing you directly with your product.


Looking for items for my son I notice that what you see in search is based on paid advertisement and not truly the best price. Creating this store has been all about getting people the best online- E. Francois Jr (CEO Nerd Junkie Inc)


Shopping on the I-20 you’ll find deals from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Nerd Junkie and More. We truly work everyday to make your visitors lives easier.

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Meet Our Friendly People

Eberle Francois Jr


Lovey Agarwal

Vendor Merchandiser/ISC Agent

Deepak Dogra

PHP Developer

Mervin Ford Esq

Legal Adviser

Jay A. Sausa

Amazon Merchandiser/ISC Agent

Swapnagandha Joshi

Vendor Merchandiser/ ISC Agent

Pronati Biswas

Social Media Manager- Instagram

Jennifer Woods

Strategic Adviser

Cherry Joy

Walmart Merchandiser/ISC Agent

Efrelie Gabot

Senior Executive Administrator

Sayian Besa

Social Media Manager-Pinterest

Khaled Ben Khalil


Jordan Francois

Research & Development