LODAY Women Neoprene Sauna Sweat Waist Trainer Vest with Zipper for Weight Loss Gym Workout Body Sha


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    hot thermo underbust sweat shaper vest neoprene slimming sauna body shaper sport workout Tank Top Suit

    Our belly burner underwear vests provide a lazy way to lose weight by burning extra calories in the body and save time for more interesting things.
    When you put on the tummy shaper corset you will instantly feel a difference in posture and support. This effect will last throughout your entire workout,
    providing the best quality heat to burn fat, move cellulite and expel toxins.If you want triple sweat, try to use some type of weight loss fat burn cream for belly fat
    or you can wear stomach warmer wrap under this heat waist trainer undershirt.

    1.Lumbar back brace support
    2.Create heat to make your body warm in cool weather
    3.Increase the core ab muscles temperature resulting in more sweat
    4.Strengthen,tighten and protect your core muscle
    5.Provides instant abdominal compression
    6.Smooth out your postpartum belly pouch
    7.Burning tummy and back fat
    8.Cinch your waist tummy and create hourglass shape
    9.allowing toxins to escape that maximizes the effectiveness of your fitness routine

    Washing instructions:
    It is recommended to wash it after each use, particularly after exercising. Hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent. Squeeze out and drain.


    • Our thermo waist shapewear concentrates heat around the body to create a ‘sauna effect’ stimulating fat loss and calorie burn during your everyday workout.It makes your waist look slimmer,helps compress and flatten stomach.Perfect for working out or do sport in the gym.
    • Fat burning process is rapid with our neoprene hot sweat shapers. It not only enhances tummy reduction and control over the work out process,but also gives you strong back brace support as well as correct your posture that makes you look better.And wide straps gym vest design prevent from rolling up or down while exercising,made more for the comfortable aspect of the underwear vest shirt for women.
    • Zipper & plus size underbust slimming corset design provide comfortable fit,upright and push-up your chest,allow you to have full-freedom to move while working out.Increases thermal activity, preserves body heat, mobilizes fat cells, stimulates perspiration during performing your daily activities.
    • The zip waist cincher corset intensifies perspiration in your core more than regular gym-clothing during exercise.Keeps your body stomach warm when you doing sport outdoors in a cold weather.Design to make you sweat like crazy and enhance your workout to achieve your fitness weight loss goals faster.
    • The smell of Neoprene is normal,which like a “rubber”but no danger. It would be easy gone after a few times hand washes with cool water and hang dry in a ventilated place.Any questions with the zip girdle corset shaper,pls contact us,we provide 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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