Indie Movie Guide: Forbidden Love Takes the Spotlight in ‘Lovesong’

In keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme this week, Alicia Malone covers three movies about love — one is new in theaters, two are available on Demand (stream them on FandangoNOW).

First up is Lovesong, in limited release February 17. It stars Jena Malone and Riley Keough as old friends who reconnect on a road trip, with consequences that take them in a direction they never expected. Available to watch at home are Oscar nominee Moonlight, about a young man’s troubled journey to adulthood, and Tanna, a tribal Romeo-and-Juliet story about a man and woman who can’t be married because of their tradition of arranged marriage. It’s nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film and remarkably, was shot by two Australians using non-professional actors from a tribe who took them in for seven months.

Watch and find out more.