Indie Movie Guide: Ghosts, Cannibals and 5 Films to Look Forward To

Personal Shopper premiered at Cannes last year to less than stellar reviews, but if you like creepy, atmospheric ghost stories, it might just be for you. In this week’s episode, host Alicia Malone tells why she enjoyed the film, which is equal parts haunting mystery and metaphor for grief, starring Kristen Stewart as a celebrity’s personal shopper who recently lost her brother. Then from ghosts to cannibals we go with the French-Belgian horror film Raw, about a young woman (a vegan) studying to be veterinarian who undergoes a horrifying hazing ritual that makes her crave meat — first animal, then human. Both movies open in limited release March 10.

Stay tuned until the end, and find out what Alicia’s looking forward to most at the upcoming South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin.