Indie Movie Guide: Saving Life, the Afterlife, and Discovering Your Life

The first independent film Alicia Malone discusses this week tackles an important story that you’ve probably never heard of. In The Zookeeper’s Wife, Jessica Chastain stars as the Polish zookeeper Antonina Zabinski, who with her husband helped turn their zoo into not only a haven for animals but also a safe harbor for Jews during the German invasion of World War II. It’s an incredible but true story of one woman’s heroism that Chastain told us she hopes won’t be her last.

Also in more limited release and available at home is Robert Redford’s sci-fi thriller The Discovery, in which he stars as a scientist who finds proof that life after death really exists — but his son (Jason Segal) has his doubts. And then we have we have Carrie Pilby, a sweet story about a socially awkward, superintelligent Harvard grad who little by little learns to let go and let others in. See what Alicia has to say about all three, below.