Indie Movie Guide: South by Southwest Recap and the Movies to Watch For

If you’re reading this article, you probably already know that the South by Southwest Film Festival is one of the biggest when it comes to premiering indie films with big stars. This year’s fest was no exception, with movies starring well-known names like Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Armie Hammer, Thomas Jane, Michael Cera and Kevin Spacey debuting to rave reviews.

Fandango’s resident indie expert, Alicia Malone, was on hand to report back on her favorites from the festival. These include the Shaun of the Dead trilogy director Edgar Wright’s highly anticipated crime caper Baby Driver (8/11); the action-comedy Free Fire (4/21), about a gang shootout in the 1970s; Lucky (TBD), which follows a 90-year-old atheist (Harry Dean Stanton) on his spiritual desert journey; and the documentary David Lynch: The Art Life (3/31), in which the director leads us on a journey to the places that influenced him as a filmmaker.

Keep your eyes out for these and the others Malone talks about in the video below.