Indie Movie Roundup: Liam Neeson’s ‘Speed’-like Remake and More

As we embark on the trek through hot summer blockbusters, let’s take a breather and see what cool indies are in the works:

Errol Flynn Gets Another Early-Years Biopic

Four years ago, we saw Kevin Kline play Hollywood icon Errol Flynn in his later years in The Last of Robin Hood, and we’ve seen him portrayed by Jude Law in The Aviator and by Guy Pearce in Flynn. Like the latter, a new biopic titled In Like Flynn will focus on his early years as a gold-seeking adventurer prior to becoming the star of such classic films as Captain Blood and The Adventures of Robin Hood. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Russell Mulcahy, who directed the original Highlander and its sequel, will be at the helm.

David Oyelowo to Star in True Story Arc of Justice

Jose Padilha, who helmed the RoboCop remake, is returning to Detroit for the true story of Ossian Sweet, an African-American doctor who was put on trial for murder after defending his home from a white mob in 1925. According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Oyelowo, who has recently played such real-life figures as Martin Luther King Jr. and Sir Seretse Khama, will star as Sweet in the movie titled Arc of Justice and based on the book of the same name.

Liam Neeson to Star in Retribution Remake

The award-winning 2015 Spanish thriller Retribution (aka El Desconocido) is being redone with Liam Neeson in the lead, according to Variety. He will play a Wall Street executive who is driving his kids to school when he gets a call about a bomb in the car, set to explode if anyone moves out of their seat. Sounding like a more low-key Speed, the remake will be produced by the team behind Neeson vehicles Unknown and Non-Stop. Check out the trailer for the original below.