Is Blockchain the Land of Milk and Honey? 9 Experts Share their Concerns

Can blockchain transform the world? It is already doing that and, according to Chitra Ragavan, the Chief Communications Officer at Gem, a Los Angeles-based blockchain startup and one of our influencers, “blockchain technology has the potential to be transformative not only in the EU but throughout the world in coming years.” What does that mean for us?

We invited nine influencers to weigh in on the facets of the blockchain and explain why the industries that make the world go round see tremendous potential in this technology. This series consists of four parts that dissect the purposes and benefits of the blockchain and shed some light on the main concerns and obstacles.

In the first part of this interview series, we invited our blockchain influencers to talk about the blockchain’s impact on our lives and to weigh in on the importance of the legal factor in the blockchain’s healthy development.

Now it’s time to ask them about their concerns, the advantages of this technology, the obstacles to experimenting with it and the industries that cannot be disrupted by the blockchain.

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