Issue with Bang & Olufsen speakers

Don’t thank me yet! I’m still unsure of the “right track,” and it may still lead back to RealTek. So keep up your search as well, and maybe bouncing around the ideas between us (or more who may yet join in) we might hit on a solution or workaround. I don’t think the Radeon GPU will relate to a sound problem, but I am not quite sure which way to go next… so let’s ask a few more questions:

1. Did you have any success with the headphone jack?

2. Do you think you have alsa installed? If so, here are a couple of links with pretty extensive references that may help you… the ArchWiki for alsa and also this page.

3. How committed are you to staying with Arch? Would you experiment with other distros to see if something else might work “out-of-the-box?” Arch isn’t the most friendly for those (like me!) who are not familiar with it and with the detailed fine-tuning that it often demands. In other words, I often go for the lazy fix if one is available! :D

Many of the alsa links and references I’m finding are quite old, and they may or may not be very helpful since the B&O speakers are the latest-greatest from HP (replacing Beats Audio). It can be daunting or impossible sometimes to make latest-greatest hardware work with any Linux distro as suitable drivers just may not be available yet. For what it’s worth, I was just reading some complaints from Windows users also about the poor quality sound from the B&O sound system, so that might be a bad omen.