KDE & Cinnamon Switching at Boot

At the login screen you should be able to choose which type of desktop session you want to log-into.

The location of the session selector will vary depending on what display manager/login manager you are using and the theme you have running on the greeter screen. I’m not a Mint/Cinnamon user, so I don’t know where it is offhand. Either way, somewhere on the login page will be a button that you can click that will list all of the different desktop sessions that are installed on your machine.

Most login managers will log you into the last desktop environment you used if you do not specify a session in the session chooser. Once you have switched into KDE via the session chooser, KDE will be set as the default session until you use the session switcher to switch to another DE/WM.

If you are the only user on the computer and you have it set to automatically log into the desktop on boot – then things are different. It’s been years since I used auto-login, but if memory serves – I think you’ll need to set up a .dmrc file in your home folder (e.g. ~/.dmrc). In the .dmrc file, you can specify which desktop to log into.



As long as you have the kde.desktop file in the /usr/share/xsessions/ – you should be good to go… I think!