Kristen Stewart to Star in an Underwater Disaster Movie

Kristen Stewart has been on a roll lately as a prestigious actress of art house cinema. She was the first ever American actress to win a Cesar Award (the French Oscars) for her work in Clouds of Sils Maria and has been garnering stellar reviews for performances in such films as Still Alice, Certain Women and Personal Shopper.

But she hasn’t fallen completely out of the mainstream genre fare she’s most known for, occasionally showing up in, say, an action thriller like American Ultra (one of her many gigs opposite Jesse Eisenberg), and now she’s about to be cast in her biggest movie since 2012, the year she finished up the Twilight saga and starred in Snow White and the Huntsman.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stewart is set to lead an ensemble disaster movie titled Underwater, described as an aquatic Armageddon. The only plot synopsis shared so far is that a scientific crew tries to survive after a devastating earthquake, and Stewart’s role is a jaded member of that crew. It sounds like it could also be compared to The Abyss.

Underwater will be written and directed by William Eubank (The Signal), and if it seems out of nowhere for the actress, the truth is that nothing is a surprise with Stewart anymore. She seemed ill fit — too serious, really — to host Saturday Night Live, and then she helped give the show its best episode in a long time. She can do anything, and it’s exciting to see her branch out even more.