LightPointe Expands Leadership Position in Point to Point Wireless Bridges Into Industrial Wireless Sector, Deploying Rugged 60 GHz Solutions

San Diego, CA, February 23, 2017 –(– LightPointe, a manufacturer of point to point radios and laser bridges used for data networks and security cameras, announced that ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest producer of steel, deployed its 60 GHz, ultra high capacity industrial wireless radio solution. In its steel production and manufacturing processes, ArcelorMittal was utilizing an existing system consisting of two 5 GHz radios to transmit videos from cameras on a large movable rail-based platform. LightPointe also announced the availability of a Case Study on its industrial wireless solution, describing an application for its ruggedized and enhanced 60 GHz radio optimized for the automation and manufacturing sector.

“This deployment of LightPointe radios in an industrial wireless application illustrates the benefits of 60 GHz radios in manufacturing and security camera environments, where safety, precision, and reliability are paramount,” said Dr. Heinz Willebrand, CEO of LightPointe. “LightPointe’s 60 GHz radio was connected to three Axis cameras, which monitor the steel plant’s rail platform and processes, and transmit PLC traffic. LightPointe’s AireLink 60 SX provides up to 100 times the bandwidth of the combined capacity of the two legacy 5 GHz radios which were replaced, and at much lower latency. Our 60 GHz radio is ideally suited for low latency real-time applications in the industrial communications sector, as well as building to building LAN connectivity.”

The legacy system in place at the factory had high latency, slow transmission, and only provided a total of 6 Mbps of capacity. It was prone to radio frequency interference and reliability problems which led to video feeds not being transmitted well, especially during rail system movement.

“We selected LightPointe’s 60 GHz solution because of its compact design, low latency, and nine levels of adaptive modulation, which automatically optimizes the data rate for the security cameras,” said Erik Delcart, senior account manager for Black Box Network Services, a wireless distributor and integrator which recommended the LightPointe solution to ArcelorMittal. “In a steel manufacturing plant, where safety and quality of production are critical, it’s essential that all camera feeds transmit even during movement of the production rail platform.”

About LightPointe

LightPointe ( is a San Diego manufacturer of wireless bridges for campus building-to-building connectivity, video security and surveillance networks, industrial communications networks, as well as the ISP and carrier backhaul market. The company is owned by a multi-billion dollar Silicon Valley firm and employees. Its radio solutions are capable of up to 10 Gbps. In addition to 60, 70, and 80 GHz radios, LightPointe has been the leader in Free Space Optics since 1998. Leading companies in the 4G and 5G LTE telecom (carrier) market, and small businesses, have deployed the company’s solutions.