LightPointe, the Leading Innovator in Radio and Laser Bridges, Announces the Sale of Gigabit Capacity Wireless Bridges for a High Tech Manufacturer and NASA Subcontractor

San Diego, CA, January 03, 2017 –(– LightPointe, the leading manufacturer of outdoor point-to-point radios and laser bridges used for faster-than-fiber data networks and industrial wireless applications, announced that a leading integrator of wireless network solutions deployed a wireless bridge between a customer’s call center and manufacturing facility. Johnston Technical Services (JTS), the system integrator, installed LightPointe’s AireLink 60 LX and AireBridge LX, combining both laser transmission with 60 GHz radio frequency transmission for unparalleled speed and reliability, while savings tens of thousands of dollars in fiber trenching or recurring leased-line fees for the customer.

“The recent increases in broadband network access fees – and news of major information security breaches and cyber security issues – have encouraged many organizations to install their own private network between buildings,” said John Taylor, vice president of sales for LightPointe. “We are pleased that once again a major network integrator and its high tech manufacturing customer turned to LightPointe to address their need to connect a call center with their manufacturing facility nearby. This particular win is especially rewarding because JTS won the bid against some formidable competition, and the end-customer is a highly technically savvy manufacturer, with their products even used by NASA in space.”

“We recommended LightPointe to our customer because LightPointe’s pricing is competitive, their wireless bridges are well-proven, and we wanted the laser bridge and radio bridge to be from the same manufacturer to ensure optimum performance and simple installation and technical support,” said John Thompson, sales manager of JTS. “This specific end-user demanded the absolute highest reliability and data security. Nothing comes close to the performance of LightPointe’s 60 GHz radios and their Free Space Optics bridges. And the fact that LightPointe has been in business since 1998, and that all their products are manufactured in the United States, gave us added peace of mind that once installed our customer would be satisfied for years to come.”

About LightPointe Communications, Inc.

LightPointe ( is a San Diego-based manufacturer of wireless Gigabit capacity bridges for enterprises, industrial wireless and M2M applications, digital video and security camera backhaul, and 4G/LTE carrier markets. The company also manufactures a line of Ultra Low Latency (ULL) wireless bridges utilized for High Frequency Trading (HFT) networks, Data Centers, Data Warehousing, and Cloud Networks. The company is owned by a billion-dollar Silicon Valley firm and employees. LightPointe has offices in the United States, Germany, France, Asia, and the Middle East.