Linux home labs?

I know there’s gotta be some others out there that have some home labs set up.. let’s see em!

Yeah, I know.. I need to tend to those cables..

The ‘rack’ is something I made with 2x3s, plywood and rack shelves.

  • Dell r210: Running untangle firewall for the house
  • Dell r710: CentOS 7, 4tb storage, backups
  • HP G5: CentOS 6, 2tb storage,, other backups
  • Odroid 1: Ubuntu, running nagios, smokeping for
  • Odroid 2: Kali Linux, main incoming ssh server, automation for the r710, G5 (turns on/off for backups so they aren’t running 24/7)
  • Odroid 3 & 4: random distributions, not really in use
  • Multiple r200s, 2950s: not in use
  • 2x gigabit switches – moving one upstairs at some point