LinuxKit and Docker Security

LinuxKit, which Docker announced back in April, is one of the newest tools to enter the Docker universe. Here’s what you need to know about what LinuxKit does and what it means for security.

LinuxKit: What and Why

Let’s start with the what and why of LinuxKit.

As you might expect, the LinuxKit story starts with Docker itself. Docker, of course, was originally designed to sit on top of the Linux kernel, and to make heavy use of Linux resources. It was from the start basically a system for virtualizing and abstracting those underlying resources.

Docker got its start not just as a container system, but also as a Linux container system. Since then, Docker has developed versions of its container management systems for other platforms, including widely used cloud service providers, as well as Windows and the Macintosh OS. Many of these platforms, however, either have considerable variation in the Linux features which are available, or do not natively supply a full set of Linux resources.

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