Looking For Lightweight Distro

Hi Aboogesnickle, hi all.

I know next to nothing about Raspberry Pi (yet!), but have trialled a number of lightweight Distros, and often refer Users to the Wikipedia page referenced by arochester above

A quick search under the keywords “linux lightweight distro thin client raspberry pi” provided a couple of articles of interest –





I note that Bodhi Linux (pronounced as in “human body”) features in a number of areas as being Pi-friendly. I have Bodhi as one of 40 or so Distros on the PC in the garage, and it works fine, but the jury is still out with me as to whether I like the Moksha Desktop, which is a fork from Enlightenment. http://www.bodhilinux.com/

Peach OSI has as its CEO one Jim Carpenter. I have made Jim’s acquaintance on two or three occasions and he has been very helpful and prompt, but his is a small operation, which may be to the better, sometimes. I use Jim’s Peach OSI TW (The Works) in the garage, but of particular interest perhaps is his Peach OSI BB (Bare Bones), and I have the 32-bit version on my wife’s old Compaq Presario C300, which has only 60GB HDD and 512MB RAM. It works well. Curiously it does not feature in the Wikipedia article.

I hope the above is of some help, and good luck o_O

avagudweegend, all