Los Angeles and the Shanghai Government Partnered to Successfully Hold Innovation Leads to a New Life China – US Zhangjiang Forum Event in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, June 13, 2017 –(PR.com)– “Innovative Shanghai, China – US Zhangjiang Forum” was successfully held on June 7, 2017 at City Club Los Angeles. The Shanghai Government partnered with Los Angeles County for the China – US Zhangjiang forum with the theme, “Innovations to Create a Better Tomorrow.” This event had over 100 guests in attendance.

With Los Angeles being one of the world’s top 20 science and technology centers the city was an easy choice for the Shanghai Government to partner with for this science innovation forum. The event was hosted by the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality and Shanghai Pudong New Area People’s Government. It was co-organized by EDI Media of the United States and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech district Management Committee.

Kathryn Barger, Supervisor of Los Angeles County, 5th district, Lushan Sun, Deputy Consul-General of Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China(PRC)in Los Angeles, Xianzhi Lv, Director of Technology Department of Consulate General of the PRC in Los Angeles, Hua Liu, consul of Consulate General of the PRC in Los Angeles, Mike Gatto, former Assemblyman of California, California State Commissioner on Water and Environment, Stephen Sham, City Mayor of Alhambra, Tony Wu, City Council of West Covina, Eric Eide, Representative of Los Angeles City Mayors Office were among the dignitaries. Over 100 local elected officials and Shanghai government officials, scholars, researches and professionals from the technology industry attended the event. ​

Guests recognized that both cities have paid close attention and have seriously invested in scientific innovations, environment control and technology development. Once common ground was found, subjects were discussed enthusiastically.

Representative of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech District Management Committee, Futao Yang, Foundry General Manager of San Ramon, General Electric Company, P K Gaisie, Mike Gatto, former Assemblyman of California, California State Commissioner on Water and Environment, and Project Manager and Aerospace Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Anita Sengupta made their keynote speeches regarding the construction of Zhangjiang Science City and the comparison of Innovation and entrepreneurship between the two countries, as well as future innovative scientific collaboration. Intellectual property professional Yongqing Hong hosted the round table discussion. Professionals from both countries, industrial leaders from the scientific innovation field discussed how innovation can lead to a better life and how to promote cross-border cooperation between Zhangjiang Hi-Tech District and other Chinese national science and technology innovation districts to cooperate with the US government and various Institutional cooperation.

Participants spoke highly of the forum, saying that since China’s reform and opening, there has been sustainable and rapid economic development, science and technology has also made remarkable achievements. China and the United States are important economic and trade partners, with China (Shanghai) free trade test area established, China and the United States can strengthen the business cooperation, personnel exchanges and thus have a broader prospect. This forum established a consensus and a better understanding between China and the United States on the construction of scientific innovation environment and sets up a strong platform for US companies and talents to go to Shanghai and conduct capital exchanges and project cooperation at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech District.