Mesosphere DC/OS Brings Large-Scale Real-Time Processing to Geospatial Data

All of a sudden, the planet Earth has become one of the world’s most important sources of real-time data. So the business of gathering that data — climate information, travel and commuting data, crime statistics, sporting event attendance, freeway traffic — is growing on behalf of the growing number of academic institutions, research facilities, emergency response teams, humanitarian and relief organizations, and intelligence agencies (yes, they’re growing too).

These use cases require a scale that goes beyond what traditional enterprise infrastructures offer. This means an increasing need for high throughput, no latency and a next-generation degree of orchestration to process weather data, freeway traffic and any other information from infinite nodes that are programmatically capable of capturing and delivering data for analysis.

What’s emerging is the need for platforms that absorb input from these nodes, process the data securely and do so in isolation.

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