Movie News: ‘Flight of the Navigator’ Remake Moves Ahead

Flight of the Navigator: It’s been a while since we heard about the Flight of the Navigator remake. Colin Trevorrow was attached five years ago under Disney’s wing but went on to direct Jurassic World, instead. Now it’s finally moving forward again with Lionsgate and The Jim Henson Company taking over, and they’ve hired a new writer, Lucifer showrunner Joe Henderson. The original movie follows the time-traveling abduction of a young boy by a UFO and features a lot of practical puppetry effects, so the Henson involvement should sound promising for fans. [THR]

Little Shop of Horrors: Speaking of ’80s movies being remade, the 1986 musical version of Little Shop of Horrors is heading back to theaters before its own in-the-works redo. Fathom Events has announced a limited release for Little Shop of Horrors: The Director’s Cut, which will add back Frank Oz’s original unhappy ending, amounting to 23 minutes of alternate footage. Fans have been able to see that deleted material on DVD before, but now they get the movie Oz intended on the big screen. [/Film]

The Oath: You might not know Ike Barinholtz by name, but you’ve definitely seen the actor in numerous hit comedies in recent years, including Neighbors and Snatched (plus TV’s The Mindy Project, pictured above). Next up, he will make his directorial debut with The Oath, a satire he wrote and will star in. Set during Thanksgiving, the comedy deals with a new law requiring American citizens to declare loyalty to the country. One of the companies producing the project also made Get Out, so we can expect another heavy-hitting but entertaining effort. [THR]

Father Figures Red Band trailer: Speaking of directorial debuts, here’s one from the cinematographer from the Hangover trilogy, Lawrence Sher. Working from a script by Justin Malen (Office Christmas Party), his comedy stars Owen Wilson and Ed Helms as brothers trying to find their real father from among a group of possibilities. As you can see in the NSFW Red Band Father Figure trailer below, one of those candidates is the real Terry Bradshaw playing himself. Others are played by Christopher Walken and J.K. Simmons, while Glenn Close takes the mother role. It’s in theaters on December 22. [Movieclips]