Movie News: Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in WWII Drama ‘The Lost Airman’; Dwayne Johnson Shares ‘Rampage’ Photos


The Lost Airman: Jake Gyllenhaal (Life, above) will star in and produce The Lost Airman. It’s based on Seth Meyerowitz’s book The Lost Airman: A True Story of Escape from Nazi-Occupied France, which tells the real-life tale about an airman who was shot down during World War II, then spent six months evading capture by the Gestapo before escaping. [THR]

Rampage: Dwayne Johnson is now shooting action-adventure Rampage and he recently shared two photos from behind the scenes. In one (above), he is pictured with costars Naomie Harris and Jeffrey Dean Morgan; in the other (below) he can be seen with costar Jason Liles, who will portray George, an albino silverback gorilla. Click either link to see more. [Instagram]

When my bestie, George (an extremely rare Albino silverback) gets hangry. Hungry + angry. Blown away by this technology. Makin’ a cool movie for you guys here on set of #Rampage. When George (and a crocodile and grey wolf) are infected they grow at a rapid rate to gigantic proportions rampaging across the country. In this scene our Oscar winning Weta Digital (Lord of the Rings, Avatar etc) is using their ground breaking “performance capture” to bring “George” the Silverback to life. It uses over 30 special cameras to “see” the performance of my co-actor @tallie7487 allowing the digital artists to make the most realistic and badass animations possible. He’s wearing a “facial capture helmet” and we can record every muscle movement and expression and emotion of George as goes on a rampage. Jason studied gorillas for months preparing for this performance capture role – facial expressions, sounds, habits and emotions. Spectacular performance. What a learning curve for me and such a pleasure to help produce these amazing artists who come to set daily to be game changers. More to come. Amazing technology. #WETADigital #Hydraulx #Rampage #MyHangryBestFriend

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Ocean's Eleven

Ocean’s 8: Carl Reiner, who appeared in Ocean’s Eleven (above) and its first two sequels, will also make an appearance in Ocean’s 8, the upcoming spin-off adventure. Reiner says: “I got to work with my favorite actress, Sandra Bullock. I did one little scene with her, and it was such a pleasure. She’s a work of nature.” Ocean’s 8 is slated for release on June 8, 2018. [Vanity Fair]

War for the Planet of the Apes

War for the Planet of the Apes Video: A new video for War for the Planet of the Apes announces a partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute to help in the rehabilitation of chimpanzees. The movie opens in theaters on July 14. [Movieclips]