New ‘Back to the Future’ Comic Book Answers Burning Questions

Answers? Where the Back to the Future franchise is going, we don’t need answers.

But we’re getting them anyway! And they should be fun nonetheless. While fans will likely never see another sequel to the 1985 time-travel classic, there have been new comic book series depicting “untold stories and alternate timelines” and more. Another one will apparently be even more tied to the original trilogy.

According to Bob Gale, who wrote the movies and now works on the comics, the upcoming “Tales from the Time Train” series will continue directly from the final scene of Back to the Future Part III and show where Doc Brown and his family went to next, as well as some of where they’d been. From an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gale says:

We’re trying to make sure none of the fans call us out for screwing up the continuity of it. At the end of Back to the Future Part III, when the Time Train flies away, Marty says, “Where you going now, Doc, back to the future?” Doc says, “Nope, already been there.” I said to John, “Well, we’ve gotta pay that off. Doc’s already been to the future? We’ve got to show that.”

Many fans (including myself and /Film’s Ben Pearson) assumed Doc meant that he’d been to the future that time before the ending of Back to the Future and during the first section of Back to the Future Part II. Apparently he also went with Clara, Jules and Verne, probably beyond 2015. The question of where the Browns do go, since Doc doesn’t say, will also hopefully be revealed.

Gale shared another tease of what to expect from future comics, an idea that also came to him and the other writers via longtime fan curiosity. Here’s another excerpt from the interview:

One of my favorite elements is this one: In the first movie, Marty McFly goes to the Twin Pines Mall, the back of Doc Brown’s truck opens up, and the DeLorean comes out. Okay. It’s a great moment, and everyone remembers it, but think about it: We’d already seen Marty go to Doc’s lab. If Doc built the DeLorean in that lab, Marty would already know what it was. But it doesn’t, so how does that make sense?

The idea we came up with was, well, Doc has a second lab hidden away. And that led us to a couple more plot elements we could use — it was something that nobody in 30 years since the movie had asked that question. And believe me, I’ve been to enough Back to the Future events, and been a guest speaker and done interviews, and I thought I’d heard every Back to the Future question. Somehow, we stumbled on this, and John and I both said, “Oh, yeah. There’s got to be another lab. That’s so cool!”

Maybe we’ll see what other things Doc has invented? Otherwise, that’s not the most exciting question that needed answering other than the answer Gale gives right there in the interview. Perhaps the more necessary question that needs answering is on the legitimacy of the fan theory that Marty died multiple times but we never saw it because Doc kept going back and saving him.

What continues to make IDW’s Back to the Future comics exciting for fans is Gale’s involvement, making them more accepted as canon than the ’90s animated series and Harvey’s related comic books. Issue number one of Back to the Future: Tales from the Time Train will hit stores on December 27.