New Dental Technologies That Are Making a Trip to the Dentist Better Than Ever

When it comes to the dental field, one thing is for certain, no one likes going to the dentist. No one likes that usually complicated equipment to be placed upon them, and no one likes that there is a potential for being uncomfortable and being in pain and having a difficult dental recovery. However, the good news is that more and more dental technologies are coming to the forefront and making this an easier process. Consider these great dental options.


The best way to sum it up is that CEREC is the newest version of a dental crown that is available at most dental offices. And trust me, most dentists swear by it. The main reason for this would be because CEREC is one of the first crown restoration practices that will totally image the tooth and then your permanent crown will be ready in a few hours. This definitely has a distinct advantage to traditional crowns, which usually consist of the burden of having to wear an uncomfortable temporary crown for a few weeks in order to make the new one. That alone makes this digital imaging software totally worth it. Here is the best way to sum it up: CAD/CAM technology creates a digital image of the affected tooth, which is then transferred to the CEREC design system, and voila, a brand-new ceramic crown is created — all in just one appointment.



The best way to sum it up would be that teledentistry seeks to combine the fields of dentistry and telecommunication. Moreover, it will allow for the transportation of digital dental images over a much longer distance. It will be much easier for this information to be exchanged this way than over traditional mail! Moreover, this efficient exchange of dental information is also much easier simply because of the prevalence of smartphones and androids. This new discipline will also offer a practice called “Straight Teeth Direct,” which is a mobile app that will connect patients with orthodontists.



Only a few years ago, the FDA approved the first robotic technology for dental implants. The tech is called Yomi and is expected to reduce surgery time and improve accuracy, improving prognosis and reducing the likelihood of mistakes. Good timing, too: 10% of American dentists perform dental implant surgery for approximately three million patients per year! Looking forward, the entire dental surgery field is likely to be robotic soon. It’s just a question of time.


As you can see, now is definitely an exciting time to be involved in the dental field. These new inventions and advances are not only going to make life easier for dentists, but they are also going to make dental work much easier for patients as well.

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