New IBM Cloud Video Features Enhance Viewer Navigation of Content

ARMONK, NY – 12 May 2017: IBM (NYSE: IBM) has added new features to the chaptering capabilities of its IBM Cloud Video enterprise solution that are designed to make it easier for viewers to find specific content in video that interests them.

IBM Cloud Video Enhances Chaptering Features

New features from IBM Cloud Video make it easier for viewers to find specific content in videos. This example shows how viewers could be provided with chapters for different parts of a product launch party. (Credit: IBM)

Video is one of the fastest growing areas of data in the cloud as companies across industries increasingly use video to connect with customers, employees and business partners. New features for IBM Cloud Video’s chaptering capabilities are designed to make it easier for users to identify content within their videos so viewers can find the information they want. New features include:

· Chapter Marker Set-up: A new subsection within the IBM Cloud Video editing tool makes it easier for users to add or change markers for where chapters begin. Users can add these markers while watching the video or use the timeline to scroll to a point without having to go through all of the footage.

· URL Chapter Shortcuts: A unique URL id is now created for each chapter to take viewers directly to a section, allowing them to find and share specific content without having to watch the entire video.

· Support for Video Trimming: The new feature adjusts the chapters even as sections are removed, making it easier to edit video and keep chapters in-tact for different audiences.

These new chaptering features are particularly useful as companies record longer events, such as employee town halls, conference presentations, webinars and product launches. Viewers can use the new chaptering features to skim longer videos and find the content that matters to them, instead of having to watch or fast-forward through the entire video.

For example, a company might record a video of a one-hour panel discussion that covers topics within the industry. The company can chapter the discussion by each topic and provide URL links to clients on sections tailored to their interests, increasing engagement and the likelihood of someone viewing the content. The company also could edit the video, such as removing a long intro or any confidential information, without having to reset the remaining chapters.

“Whether at home or work, people often have too many distractions and competing interests to watch every minute of a video,”said Alden Fertig, senior offering manager for IBM Cloud Video. “These new chaptering features raise the value of video by taking viewers to the content that is most relevant to their interests.”

These new chaptering features extend the capabilities of IBM Cloud Video for enterprise use. IBM Cloud Video enterprise services are used by companies across a broad range of industries, including retail, automotive, technology, education, hospitality and healthcare, to stream live and recorded content through a global network.

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