News Briefs: Michael Rooker to Reunite with ‘Serial Killer’ Director

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

A Good Man Is Hard to Find: Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, above) first broke out in the frightening Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer back in 1986. Now he will reteam with that movie’s director, John McNaughton, to make A Good Man Is Hard to Find. It’s based on Flannery O’Connor’s chilling short story, first published in 1953, which revolves around a road trip and a family’s fateful encounter with an escaped murderer. [Deadline]

Money Monster

The Bookseller: Set in the 1960s, Cynthia Swanson’s novel The Bookseller concerns a woman who enjoys a rich fantasy life in her dreams, only to see the line between reality and imagination begin to blur. Julia Roberts (Money Monster, above) is now attached to star in and produce a big-screen version. [THR]

The Boy Next Door

Razor: Rob Cohen, whose credits include The Fast and the Furious and The Boy Next Door (above), will direct Razor, based on the 1990s comic book series by Everette Hartsoe. The titular character is a martial artist and gymnast who wields bladed gauntlets. Cohen also wrote the script for the screen adaptation, which has been in development since 2009. [The Wrap]

Wakefield Clip: Suffering from a nervous breakdown, Bryan Cranston has taken refuge in his attic. In a new clip from Wakefield, he spies on his wife (Jennifer Garner) as she entertains a visitor. The drama will open in theaters on May 19. [Movieclips]