News Briefs: Peter Dinklage to Star in ‘My Dinner with Hervé’

X-Men: Days of Future Past / Fantasy Island

My Dinner with Hervé: Peter Dinklage (X-Men: Days of Future Past, above left) will star as Hervé Villechaize, best known for his roles in The Man with the Golden Gun and TV’s Fantasy Island (above right), in the biographical drama My Dinner with Hervé. The movie will take place during one wild night shared by the actor and a journalist (Jamie Dornan). Sacha Gervasi (Hitchcock) will direct. [Deadline]

12 Years a Slave / Poetic Justice

Tupac Shakur: Director Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave, above left) will make a fully authorized, feature-length documentary on the late music star, poet and actor Tupac Shakur (Poetic Justice, above right). McQueen attended NYU film school in 1993 and says that he “can remember the unfolding hip-hop world and mine overlapping with Tupac’s through a mutual friend in a small way.” [Deadline]

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok Trailer: A breezy new international trailer for Thor: Ragnarok is packed with splashy action bits involving all the principal players. Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Tessa Thompson, Cate Blanchett and Mark Ruffalo star; it’s set for release on November 3. [Movieclips]

Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight TV Spot: Narrated by Anthony Hopkins, a new television spot for Transformers: The Last Knight highlights the secret history of mankind’s robotic protectors. Mark Wahlberg, Isabela Moner, Laura Haddock, Gemma Chan and Stanley Tucci star; the movie opens on June 21. [Movieclips]