panel launch Icons, ‘flash’when clicked

I’ve got it, if you are interested.

Dconf-editor was the answer, uncovered thanks to the link JasKinasis provided

I use dconf-editor sometimes to tweak the size of my mouse cursor (to 48) where other options are not available, but I had not discovered the animations section until now.

First up, and for The Viewers, Brian was referring earlier to my Post at … where I referred to installing mint-meta-mate from the Package Manager.

Better than that, I have since learned, is to install mate-desktop-environment , also in the Repos. This bundle includes mint-meta-mate but more.

Prior to trying this, I would recommend that you either

  • Generate a system snapshot using Timeshift (a Linux product similar to Windows Restore) or
  • otherwise backup your date and settings as your recovery plan dictates

In that way, you can roll things back should all go awry.


I performed mine from Terminal

sudo apt-get -y install mate-desktop-environment

so that I could more closely monitor what was going on.

Once complete, I rebooted, and at the Login screen, where you can see “Ci” for Cinnamon, I clicked and chose “M” for MATE and logged in.

At the MATE desktop, I started to populate my Panel with my favourite apps, and as Brian describes, there is a moment of the icon expanding in size, in a flash. This is what he wants to get rid of.

I then installed dconf-editor, which is in the Repos and can be installed from Synaptic Package Manager, or else

sudo apt-get -y install dconf-editor

On completion, you can click your Menu icon and either search “dconf” or its under Applications-System Tools.

In dconf-editor, go to :


Screenshot illustrates


There, the box “enable-animations” is checked by default. Uncheck it and exit, the changes should be immediate. The panel icons/launchers will now depress like a button being pressed, but no expansion or flashing.

There are other options for animations, including but perhaps not limited to:

  • org-mate-desktop-interface-enable animations and
  • another one commencing org-gnome (MATE is a fork from GNOME)

… which you may like to experiment with, I haven’t yet, but may.