‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Features a Hilarious ‘Seinfeld’ Connection, Plus Other Fun Facts

When Fandango visited the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming last year, the first thing we noticed was that the code name for the film this time around was actually a reference to one of the great episodes of Seinfeld, “The Summer of George.”

See, Marvel Studios always has code names for its films while they are in production. They aren’t the only ones who do this, but we’ve always found Marvel’s fake titles to be kind of cheeky and worth noting, especially when they have such an obvious reference to one of the best TV shows ever.

“We pick code names that make us giggle,” producer Eric Hauserman Carroll said. “Around that time in L.A., there was the channel that showed the Seinfeld reruns from 10 to 11 p.m., and we all started coming in the next day and talking about Seinfeld. And when we had to pick a code name for this, “Summer of George” was one [suggestion] that made us all laugh the hardest. Our e-mail addresses are Episode 1456.com.”

Unfortunately for Seinfeld fans, the connections stop there. “For a while, we were going to try and throw a cameo in there, too, but [something] just snuck up on us,” Carroll said.

10 More Spider-Man: Homecoming Fun Facts

1. The film will reference Spidey’s famous origin story, but don’t expect any flashbacks to it.

2. Michael Keaton is the rare Marvel supervillain to have a family and be a father. “He’s got sort of a Tony Soprano mentality,” Carroll said.

3. Tom Holland went undercover as a high school student in Bronx, New York in order to get a feel for what it was like. “Marvel actually sent me to a school in the Bronx where I had a fake name and I put on an accent, and I went for like three days,” Tom Holland said. “I basically had to go to this science school and blend in with all the kids, and some of the teachers didn’t even know.”

4. Spidey’s web shooters have been upgraded in that they have various settings to them. “He can scroll through different web settings, like spinning web, web ball, ricochet web… all of the stuff we can see him do in the comics, Tony has built into this [suit],” Carroll said.

5. Seinfeld isn’t the only pop-culture reference in the movie. Peter Parker’s ringtone on his phone is the “Imperial March” from Star Wars.

6. You will hear about Uncle Ben even though he doesn’t make it into this movie. “We’re trying to tell is this sort of fun story of about a kid who is doing all the wrong things for the right reasons,” Carroll said. “And once you [bring in Uncle Ben], it stops becoming a sort of fun movie about a kid trying to be a kid. He’s mourning the loss of a parent.”

7. Don’t worry, Robert Downey Jr. is in more than two scenes. “He’s in like five or six scenes,” Carroll revealed.

8. No OsCorp in this Spider-Man film. Producer Eric Carroll stressed that they went above and beyond to present a film that was unlike any of the others that have come before it. “We figured, honestly, if there was a way to do this movie without mentioning anyone who has been in any of the past films with the exception of a couple of staples, like Flash and Aunt May, that might be a good thing to do,” he said.

9. Another Spidey staple not featured: The Daily Bugle. “We toyed with it for a while,” Carroll said. “But again, we didn’t want to go down that road right away and if we do a Daily Bugle, we want to do it in a way that feels contemporary.”

10. Although this is a much younger and much different Spider-Man than we’ve seen previously, actor Tom Holland did borrow bits and pieces from both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire’s takes.

“I think from Tobey I’m taking his sort of less cool side of things, whereas Andrew was very cool and very sort of contained,” Holland said. “But then with Andrew, I thought his Spider-Man was fantastic. I thought when he was in that suit, I thought he really came to life, and so there are two things I am taking from both people. For me, it’s just making sure I feel like a kid on set, and really be the kid that everyone wants to be, and just have fun with it, and see a superhero really enjoy having his powers.”

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7.

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