Spoiler alert: Mercedes recalls E-Class for detaching roof wings – Roadshow

Traditionally, you want to buy a car that doesn’t have parts flying off it. Mercedes-Benz’s latest recall addresses that exact problem.

Mercedes-Benz issued a recall for 411 examples of the 2016-2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 sedan and the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 4Matic sedan. The affected vehicles carry build dates between April 10, 2015 and November 11, 2016. The automaker estimates that only 1 percent of the recalled vehicles actually contains the defect.

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If an E-Class ahead of you accidentally deposits its spoiler on your windshield, common courtesy suggests chasing the owner down and returning the errant piece.


The problem, as you might have guessed from the title, involves the roof-mounted spoiler. It might be improperly attached, allowing air to move between the spoiler and the rear window. If the force is strong enough, the spoiler may detach completely and fly off… somewhere.

Of course, this is a big-ol’ collision hazard, and even if it wasn’t, Mercedes-Benz probably doesn’t want its cars losing parts at speed. The automaker claims the customer might pick up on the issue by discovering a “shuttering” noise, at which point they’ll probably want to grab some gaffer tape and hope for the best.

Mercedes-Benz was first made aware of the issue in August 2016, when it received two reports of improperly attached spoilers. While they were originally thought to be one-off problems, a further investigation uncovered a deviation from assembly instructions, which causes the problem.

Dealers will be notified of the recall this month, and owners should start receiving notifications via first class mail in June. Dealerships will inspect the cars’ rear spoilers and, if necessary, replace ’em.