Superhero Buzz: Spider-Man’s Future Villains Revealed

With Spider-Man: Homecoming arriving in theaters next month, there’s a lot of discussion about the future of that rebooted franchise, while Star Wars‘ loss of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller could be DC’s gain. The latest in superhero movie news:

Lord and Miller’s DC Meeting

Following the surprising news that Phil Lord and Chris Miller were exiting the Han Solo Star Wars spin-off in the middle of production, The Wrap reported that the duo met with DC Entertainment about directing The Flash. They worked on the project two years ago as early treatment writers but weren’t attached to helm the movie, which is due in 2020. Currently it’s expected that Robert Zemeckis will sign on to direct Ezra Miller as the speedy superhero instead, but it’s curious that Lord and Miller had such a big meeting during a hiatus from their work on Star Wars.


In Spider-Man: Homecoming, we get to see Spidey battle one of his oldest foes, Vulture. But he’s likely only a one-time menace, since actor Michael Keaton, who portrays the villain, is only signed on for a single movie. Tom Holland, who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man, is contracted for two more solo adventures, and there’s talk he could face Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio in those sequels. Or, as per The Hollywood Reporter, those bad guys could appear in other installments of Sony’s planned Spidey-related cinematic universe, which is otherwise disconnected from the MCU.

THR’s article also confirms that Sony’s solo Venom movie will involve another villain, the Venom-spawned Carnage. Perhaps they’ll be adapting the 1993 storyline “Maximum Carnage”? It’s so far undetermined if the studio will manage to slip Holland’s Spidey into that movie, due next year, in any capacity. Venom will be portrayed by Tom Hardy. Sony also has Silver & Black, about sometime villains, sometime associates Silver Sable and Black Cat. They also might restart development on a Sinister Six movie, which going by tradition could involve Vulture, Mysterio, Kraven, Electro, Sandman and Doctor Octopus.

MCU Characters in the Spider-Man Sequels

Also noted in the THR article and reminded by The Tracking Board’s Jeff Sneider is the fact that more Marvel Cinematic Universe characters will be appearing in the solo Spider-Man: Homecoming sequels. All that is known is that Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), who appears in Homecoming, will not be returning. Perhaps Captain America (Chris Evans), who has a tiny cameo in Homecoming, could provide for another team-up, or maybe someone of lesser significance could tag along while allowing Spidey all the spotlight in his own movies. Still, some fans are hoping for a Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) crossover. We’ll see.