Technology changes the way people shop

There has been great buzz surrounding Amazon’s third annual Prime Day, a time of 30 hours starting on Monday, July 10th where hundreds of thousands of sales are available to Amazon Prime members.

We’ve recently noted how Amazon is transforming the e-commerce industry with its revamped Dash Wand, a gadget to help shoppers to scan and buy home products quickly and efficiently. Now, the online retailer hopes to make Prime Day a shopping staple, noting that last year’s sale saw an increase in orders over 60% worldwide.

Like the ease of the Dash Wand and highly promoted sales days, Cisco is heavily invested in making the customer experience entirely transformed. At the recent Cisco Live conference, the company focused on showing attendees how digital technologies can improve customer relationships, differentiate products, and outperform competition.

Incorporating Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) into retail stores revamps the entire shop, providing network automation and security. This simplifies management of the store and corporate networks while protecting crucial customer and business data.

Having Cisco Customer Mobile Experience in-store allows for the immediate, invisible customer connection to Wi-Fi. This allows shoppers to access customized store experiences which can lead to omnichannel engagement, real-time sales assistance, and proximity selling.

Another way to brighten the customer experience is with Cisco Vision Dynamic Signage, a digital signage screen for stores that can engage with shopper’s mobile phones. It’s a beautiful display that physically enhances the experience but can also fuel revenue growth.

Amazon’s Prime Day is predicted to reach high sales again this year—a sign that more and more shoppers want the quickest and easiest way to buy. Cisco’s customer experience takes technology and makes buying the most compatible and customized experience for you.


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