The ‘Dog Wick’ Trailer Is Exactly What You Want It to Be

John Wick has got one of the greatest premises for an action movie. Not just in the past few years. Not just in the past few decades. It’s one of the best action-movie premises ever. It’s so brilliantly simple. Thug’s kill the only thing a former assassin loves, so he rampages through the underworld, bringing hellfire to anyone who is vaguely associated with the idiots who killed his puppy.

But what if things went the other way around? What if the thugs killed John Wick instead? What happens when you kill the human of an assassin dog?

That brings us to the trailer for Dog Wick. We apologize in advance for how badly this is going to make you wish it was a trailer for a real movie. By the time this trailer ends, it will sting that there aren’t 90 more minutes of this dog-on-human revenge.