The ‘Get Out’ Challenge Meme Comes Full Circle on the Set of ‘Black Panther’

Actors can have a lot of downtime on a movie set. During those breaks from filming, they might hang out in their trailer or they might read scripts for their potential next projects or, as is common these days, they partake in Internet memes.

We’ve seen videos from movie sets for the Ice Bucket Challenge and the Mannequin Challenge, and recently the cast of Marvel’s Black Panther got together for a group entry for the Get Out Challenge.

Watch via Lupita Nyong’o’s Instagram:

Wait, what is the Get Out challenge, you ask? It’s a meme where you re-create the part in Get Out where Marcus Henderson’s character runs at Daniel Kaluuya at full speed before turning suddenly to avoid crashing into him.

If you haven’t seen the movie, you won’t understand. If you have seen the movie, this challenge is a real delight, especially because a lot of people fail in their attempts to do it without injury. See this one:

my mom tried doing the #GetOutChallenge at work omg im dead????????????

— joy (@joyyymiller) March 8, 2017

And this one:

#GetOutChallenge fail

— BOYwonder??? (@TyreseWebb1) March 7, 2017

But the cast of Black Panther is expert in the challenge, so much that they did another one this week. Of course, to make it extra special, they looped in a special appearance from Kaluuya, who also costars in the MCU installment as the titular superhero’s confidant, W’Kabi.

Again via Nyong’o, who plays Black Panther’s love interest, Nakia, here’s that video: