The Han Solo Movie May Reveal He’s Not Actually Han Solo

Han Solo is one of the best character names ever created. It’s distinctive. It evokes the character’s selfish side. And it’s simple enough that even a three year old can say it right. It is a universally cool name.

But apparently, it may not actually be Han Solo’s real name.

Disney CEO Bob Iger, who just today renewed his contract to stay on with the company for one more year, revealed a few tiny details about the young Han Solo movie in the works. It’s mostly stuff that’s to be expected, but his last talking point is raising all kinds of eyebrows. According to Iger, the movie will show us:

– Han Solo from age 18 to 24

– Getting the Millennium Falcon

– Meeting Chewbacca

– How he got his name

That last one is a direct quote from Iger. “You will also discover how he got his name.” Taken on the surface, that clearly means that Han Solo isn’t everyone’s favorite smuggler’s real name. So what gives? As we did when Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s title was revealed, we weigh a few options.

Option A: The Dread Pirate Roberts

Maybe Han Solo is a name that many different smugglers adopt, not unlike the Dread Pirate Roberts in The Princess Bride. He could inherit it from someone else.

Likelihood: Not great. We know Woody Harrelson plays Han Solo’s mentor in the movie, and just this week he revealed his character’s name is Beckett. So unless he’s pulling a Star Trek Into Darkness John Harrison/Khan switcheroo, it’s highly unlikely he’s playing a Han Solo.

Option B: The Fugitive

Maybe whoever Alden Ehrenreich is playing is a fugitive and needs to go undercover. Maybe he’s in the Empire’s equivalent of the witness protection program. Whatever the case, he needs a new name to cover his hide and chooses Han Solo.

Likelihood: Eh, maybe, but probably not. We already know he’s a criminal. He doesn’t hide it in A New Hope, so it wouldn’t really make much sense to see him hide from a criminal life in an origin story.

Option C: Bob Iger Misspoke

Maybe what Bob Iger meant wasn’t that we’ll discover how Han Solo got his literal name, but that we’ll see how he got his reputation. When he’s introduced in A New Hope, Solo is already a wanted man. He’s got a reputation, he’s got a ship with a reputation, and he’s got an alien best friend with a reputation. Maybe all Iger meant is we’ll discover how Han Solo made a name for himself.

Likelihood: High. There’s little chance they’re going to spend a chunk of a Han Solo movie calling him something other than Han Solo.